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RockDove Men's Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper
RockDove Men's Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper
  • 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex
  • Rubber sole
  • Easy on/off, hands-free, slip-on style with a low heel collar
  • Waffle knit upper lets your foot breathe, keeping your slipper sweat and odor-free
  • Memory foam insole molds to the contours of your foot for pillow soft comfort; pamper yourself after a long day at work, or that hard working husband or Dad in your life by giving his tired feet a well deserved rest
  • Sturdy rubber sole lets you step outside the house to fetch the mail or walk the dog; anti-slip waterproof bottom grips the floor to keep you safe on wet tiles. Machine washable for easy care. Also available in matching women’s two-tone slippers for family and couples
  • Product designed and quality inspected in the USA, with a 24/7 US-based support team ready to take care of all your after-sale needs
RockDove RockDove men's slippers RockDove

Machine Washable

We make your slippers last longer by crafting them out of machine washable materials. Whether it's dust, stains, or odors, simply throw them in the wash and they'll come out looking as good as new. So spend more time relaxing, and less time cleaning.

  • Machine wash in cold
  • Set to gentle cycle
  • Air or line dry preferred

RockDove Slippers Are Built to Last

Durable Indoor Outdoor Sole

The first RockDove slippers were made for outdoor enthusiasts who, even at home, actively shuffle in and out of the house for chores and hobbies. Staying true to our roots, every pair of RockDove’s comes with an indoor outdoor sole. Made of the same natural rubber used in trail running sneakers, they’ll let you walk to the mailbox or backyard without switching shoes. We've also added an anti-shock EVA layer to reduce impact when you step on the occasional living room Lego or driveway pebble.

  • Versatile for indoor outdoor
  • Anti-skid traction prevents slips and falls
  • Quiet steps in the bedroom (post-2017 version)
  • Non-marking (post 2018-version)
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Born with the free-spirited ease of southern California, we're the place you go to kick back and relax.

RockDove men's slippers


RockDove men's slippers gift

Tiny Mattresses for Your Feet

The sole-crushing shoes or boots you wear during your daily 9-to-5 can wreak havoc on the 100-plus muscles, ligaments, and tendons in each ankle and foot, causing—ouch!—pain. Coming home to a pair of RockDove's, with their plush memory foam, breathable fabrics, and lightweight soles, feels like heaven for your feet. They're slippers that let your feet move and groove every way they need to. (Just remember to tell your puppy they're not his new chew toy).

Breathing Life Into a Boring Product

Many people see slippers and think “they’re just slippers.” And comfort is the only thing that matters, right? We don't think so. Based in the West Coast fashion capital, we're constantly scouting the latest fabrics from LA’s Fashion District and star-inspired trends from Hollywood just 25 miles down Santa Monica Boulevard. From chic silhouettes, vibrant colors, to bold prints that never before found their way onto slippers, we're out to prove that mundane can be beautiful.

Give the Gift of Downtime

This holiday season, give someone you care about a gift that'll instantly warm their heart (and feet). Or convert that man in your life who's never been a "slipper person" and always worn shoes in the house. Let their cold, hardworking, and aching feet experience that incredible “ahh…” feeling upon stepping into a pair of RockDove's for the first time. For couples, check out our matching men's and women's styles. For families, pick a different color for everyone and create oh-so-cute family photos.

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Our Story

RockDove was created for five birdwatchers of the Los Angeles Audubon Society in 2002. They were our customers, when we weren't yet a slipper company, but a beachside workshop in Santa Monica, California that resoled hiking boots. For fifteen years we protected the feet of avid adventurers as they trekked punishing terrains across southern California's mountains and deserts. As their local shoe cobbler, when customers had footwear needs, they came to us. And over time they asked for something that was badly missing, not in their time conquering the outdoors but in their lives at home—quality indoor shoes to console their high-mileage, trail-weary feet. So for Christmas that year, we handmade five pairs of slippers for our long time Audubon customers using a low-cut boot last.


The Experiment

Shoe brands in southern California, where sunny beaches and flip flops rule, don't pay much attention to slippers. So we had little to build on. However, we did know how to make comfortable, long lasting footwear. Using mattress memory foam, gel insoles, anti-shock cushioning from hiking boots, and more, we designed slippers with the goal of comforting extremely tired feet. Two months later when we sent out a newsletter about our little experiment, customers responded with 350 mail orders. We named our slippers after the most mundane bird we knew, the rock dove (pigeon) often seen strutting the boardwalks of Santa Monica Pier. They’re a memento of where we’re from and what we represent.


Inspired by Adventure, Made for the Everyday

To this day our legacy of creating footwear as if for the most exhausted, adventure-wearied feet lives on. But adventure isn’t always hanging on a rope off the side of a mountain. Everyone lives their own version of it, every single day. We make slippers so that anyone who’s on their feet all day—not just passionate outdoorsmen but teachers, chefs, nurses, cashiers, traffic cops, postal workers, and more—can count on switching into the world’s most comfortable slippers once they get home.


The Sweet Spot Comfort Level

Our quest to get comfort down to a science pushed us to become one of the earliest adopters of high-density memory foam in slippers. In 2004, we reached out to local sleep experts at the Long Beach Mattress Company to source their memory foam toppers, which we then molded into insoles. But mattress comfort didn't exactly translate to slipper comfort. So we obsessively tweaked the density and firmness ratings of our foams to create that “sweet spot” level: one that offers incredible comfort, yet not so much cushioning that you’ll feel like walking in quicksand. Today, at the heart of each RockDove slipper is a multilayered foam construction—a 40-70D memory foam pressure-mapped to every part of the plantar aspect, a support foam that adds firmness, and an anti-shock EVA layer.









RockDove Men's Light Corduoroy Memory Foam Loafer Indoor Outdoor Slipper RockDove Women's Light Corduoroy Memory Foam Loafer Indoor Outdoor Slipper RockDove RockDove RockDove RockDove
Men's Light Corduoroy Slipper Women's Light Corduoroy Slipper Men's Two-Tone Lightweight Slip-On Women's Rhinestone Faux Fur Flip Flop Women's Floral Lined Adjustable Slipper Women's Velour Closed Back Slipper
Color Options Maize, Navy, Silver Green, Sky Blue, Watermelon Drak Gray & Blue, Blue & Maize, Black & Lime Beige, Black, Chinchilla, Pink Black, Navy, Plum Royal Blue, Wine, Black
Size Standard US Men US Women US Men US Women US Women US Women
Size Options 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14 5-6, 6.5-7.5, 8-9, 9.5-10.5, 11-12 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 5-6, 6.5-7.5, 8-9, 9.5-10.5, 11-12
Foam Density 45D 45D 45D 45D 45D 45D
Sole Thickness (Inch) 0.8" 0.8" 0.3" 0.6" 0.8" 0.3"
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 5.5 x 4.3 inches
  • Item model number: SL-M302-BK-XS
  • Date First Available: January 18, 2017
  • ASIN: B07BKVB11W
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #153 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #1 in Men's Slippers
    • #65 in Men's Shops

    I haven't had to leave a review yet for anything I've bought, but man these things sucks. I was hesitant at first given it was 20 bucks for slippers when in store I can get a pair for 10 bucks. But I thought I would get quality. I was wrong. I'm a size 9 and got a medium (9-10). Way too big. I was wearing clown shoes. But they were comfortable so I was sort of ok with it.

    About 2-3 days later after only wearing these about 1 hour a day, and all the padding was compressed and I was pretty much walking on the bottom of the shoe. Now a few weeks in, I have a sad pair of slippers with strings coming off and almost no padding that make me look like a dang clown walking around.

    If I stop 1 person from buying these then my post was worth it.

    Slippers themselves are fine. I'm happy with them except that reading the reviews about sizing convinced me to order larger than my size. I'm 10.5 -11 so I ordered 11-12 and they _just_ fit with nothing to spare. If I wear socks the size is a hair small but acceptable. And they make a nice old-man flopping and shuffling sound as befits someone of my station. Our grown kids laugh as I trudge along. Why did I come into this room?

    These slippers are just OK. I wear a 10.5 shoe and purchased the 11-12 size, just for reference.
    I was impressed with these slippers at first. They felt a little snug, and I was worried that they were too small. I was very impressed with how much cushion there was, so much so that I ordered a pair for my wife. Before she received them, I noticed that the cushion was starting to disappear. Started to collapse right after the return window closed.

    They got progressively worse, to the point where they are hard to keep on my feet and feel extremely loose. There is no cushion left to them and I can clearly feel every pebble that I step on and the edge of the coffee table hurts my feet with these on. Not exactly what I was looking for.

    I would not recommend these to a friend.

    I wore them for 1 week (only inside the house). The stitching came undone. The sole is now separating from the top. For what it's worth, they are super comfortable.

    I have been wearing these slippers for less than a week and the toe and heel parts are flat as paper now... also I weigh 180lbs if you want to factor that in. They seem cheap all around and I would not recommend this product to friends or family.

    I never could understand concept of memory foam? Foam that completely collapses to nothing when pressure applied, This is my first and last experience with memory foam. These slippers, with memory foam interior sole cushion , makes you feel like your walking on socks that have slid down and then bunched up at the bottom of this slipper....kind of real Lumpy ...not like your walking on ROCKS...but still not in a good way. If it just had a good FIRM cushion inner sole, would be nice slipper. Order one size larger that chart suggested if your going to wear socks, at first did fit OK, but as slipper stretches I assume will feel sloppy...Will up date. The search goes on

    I bought these slippers for my 12 year old son for Christmas to wear around the house because we have hardwood floors. He loves them! They are great slippers and fit him nicely. The one star is because after less than a single month of around the house use, one of the slippers is falling apart. I would change my rating to five stars if the seller sent us a replacement, but I'm not sure how to contact them. The pictures show that they are otherwise in very good shape and barely used.

    These aren't bad but they aren't great either.
    I wear 10.5 and saw all the suggestions to go with the Large over the Medium. It's the right length but it's way too tall and my foot constantly slips out when walking around or walking down stairs. I pretty much have to curl my toes any time I'm walking in these to try to keep them on my feet because there's a good 1" gap between the top of my foot (near the ankle) and the slipper.
    They are very comfortable, soft, and the memory foam is holding up well. The blue lining will discolor with a yellow hue where your foot's been as it ages and I'm noticing the stitching around the sole coming undone in spots after about a month of wear.

    Awful quality
    They are only used some weekends when my partner visits and less than 4 months later they have split where the upper meets the sole.

    Really disappointed with this as they are not cheap slippers.

    No option to return as unfit for purpose yet they should last longer than this. Its a shame as my partner really liked them and found them comfy for the brief time he got to use them.

    Great slippers that don't look like "old man" slippers and are comfortable, good fit as expected and the memory foam insoles make them very comfortable to wear. They have decent waterproof soles which makes them great for up here in Glasgow, whose logo was "Glasgow's Miles Better", but they mis-spelled that and should have read "Glasgow's Miles Wetter". Which is why the slippers are an essential accoutrement for any self respecting Glaswegian. If they work in Glasgow they'll be fine anywhere else in the civilized world.

    I noticed there are MANY,Many, different companies selling there own version of this slipper. After a bit of homework i sussed that RockDove were the original inventor's of these slipper's andcthe rest are mearly coping there design etc. So i took a chance that i was right. Good desition! : ) . Quality slipper's with good memory foam which springs back to shape as opposed to getting a bit thinner everytime you wear them. You can tell these are the ones you want to be getting. Everything is made of good quality, there very light but comfortable as anything. Price wise these weren't even the most expensive. Do urself a favour and stick with the guy's who came up with the concept of these slipper's and only use quality material's. Def Recommend. . .

    Ordered these slippers and was very surprised at the comfort and quality of them. Sizing is in English, American and E.U. A tip if you order the English size 9 is to get the American 9 1/5, the fit is better and if you have a broad foot like mine they are perfect. I was surprised at the quality of these slippers, the foam over the top of the foot is very comfortable and the rubber sole looks hard wearing.. When walking in them they don1 flip flop like others of this type and l would recommend these slippers both for quality and fit.

    In simple terms I have big feet and have problems with them due to nerve damage they split and loads of stuff you don't need to hear. So to the slippers they are great they are realy comfortable they don't put pressure on any part of my feet yet they fit well and don't fly off. I forget I'm wearing them almost got in the shower with them on not a real problem as the label says they are washable. Would I get another pair Yes will I get another pair yes. Thanks Rockdove great slippers

    I wanted high quality and durable slippers.
    They are very confortable but after a couple of weeks the midsole loss its cushion.
    6 month later with a normal indoor use the outsole started tearing apart, not durable, very disappointed.

    These slippers arrived, as expected, on 9th July and were worn for a very short time that day and next. On 10th July, it was found that the stitching on the left slipper had failed to attach the upper to the sole on the right side of the heel. The supplier quickly contacted me with an apology and offer of replacement slippers. These arrived on schedule and are perfect. Lovely slippers and very comfortable. Well done RockDove for superb customer service.

    When I first received these wonderful slippers I was concerned the were a bit low on the heel but within a couple of hours the memory foam had moulded itself to my feet which included a nice "hole" into which my heels sank (and continue to do so) which holds the slippers perfectly to the shape of my soles. Pure comfort every time I put them on.
    The uppers also mould themselves around the tops of my feet making them a warm, snug and comfortable fit.
    I would post a picture (If I knew how!) but so comfortable are they that my Collie lays upon them beside me when I'm not wearing them so they are now somewhat "hairy" but I know they will clean up properly when I wash them, not that it worries me as they are now.
    Probably the best slippers I've ever had but I retain a great fondness for my "Baffies" of many years ago.

    Very swollen feet made my usual slippers hard to get on and off, and not very comfortable. I decided to give these a try, ordering a size up from my usual foot size to allow for the oedema.

    I have to say, this product is very well thought-out. Between a slight stretchiness in the uppers and the spring inherent in the insole, when you slip your feet in, the slippers grip – gently, but surprisingly securely. And speaking of the insole, this is a job that memory foam is particularly good at.

    All in all, perfect for my requirements. Soft and gentle on my troubled feet, but with a sole easily robust enough for modest outdoor use. I'm so happy with them that when / if my feet go back to their proper size, I will buy a second pair of these for normal rather than emergency wear.

    I thought that I had written a review already but looks like it got lost in post!!

    Well I found the product to be under par even allowing for the price, I should have known cheap means cheap so I have sent them back but saying that my wife bought me a pair of Birkenstocks for Christmas for £80 the lining has frayed
    and they have begun to smell so bad we put them out side. I had a pair of uggs that weren't perfect put the pest of the bunch. Disappointed that some one can't make a good pair for a reasonable price.

    Literally fell apart after 2 hrs of use inside the house. Terrible product. I missed the return window as they were a gift. Very embarrassing to give this to someone to have them fall apart almost immediately. Zero stars
    If I could. See attached pic for reference.

    Nice slippers at first. Wore them for a few hours and the memory foam started to sag and not recover under the heel. After a few days the heel area was flat and provided no cushioning at all. After a couple of weeks the slippers are unusable now. No cushioning and make my feet hurt as a consequence. Better off buying a pair of cheap slippers from the market at a fraction of the price. Money well and truly down the drain.

    On the plus side these slippers look great and are warm and comfortable. The only reason I haven't given them five stars is because they are difficult to keep on your feet when traversing stairs. I usually get half way up before one falls off and rolls annoyingly to the bottom. I purchased English 9.5, because that's what I am, but I suspect these are closer to UK 10's. I have, as recommended on the enclosed card, waited a few days for them to wear in but to no avail. If I slip a sock on, the slippers become much more attached to my feet. Maybe I could move to a bungalow!

    They’re ok, but not significantly better than any others you can buy off the shelf. Unfortunately, I listened to the advice here and bought the next size up. They’re too big and the little note that comes with them explains they may be a bit small to begin with, but will expand a little as they wear in. I can’t wait until mine turn into clown shoes then.

    Recommend ordering one size up.

    I ordered a 10-11 and consider myself to be a size 10 1/2. Even with my foot pushed in hard and uncomfortably to the front, my heel was right at the back.

    Ordered an 11-12 - much better fit. Not loose at all. Label states in time they will ease and even after wearing for some time if they no longer fit they will replace them.

    Company is based in the US so will have to see how that works but hope I don't need to! At the moment they are a great fit and I'm pleased with them. (def needed a size up)

    After wearing them for a week. They're nothing special.

    I was dubious about the memory foam which doesn't appear to make any difference. They don't cushion my feet (the foam is easily compressed between finger and thumb) and feel like so many other pairs of slippers when worn with a simple flat/rubber sole.